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The Wedding Salad


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The Wedding Salad which originally began as a wedding present for a couple is now a full-fledged wedding photography studio. It was founded by Aayushi Sachdeva & Kanishka Sonthalia in 2012. Since then the company has come a long way and has been voted amongst the top 10 wedding photographers in India. The Wedding Salad has photographed over 90 weddings in India and abroad and their forte lies in capturing moments for save the dates, pre and post wedding photo shoots as well as candid and traditional wedding photography for all the wedding functions.

Booking & Cancellation Terms

  • Photography turnover time will be 45 days
  • Videography turnover time will be 4 months for the trailer and 6 months for the Wedding film
  • 50% of the bill amount to be paid in advance to confirm the booking
  • In case if the booking is cancelled, advances won’t be refundable
  • Travel expenses to be by the client

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