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Q. Why choose DreamzKraft?

Rather than having multiple vendors and wedding planners working to put together your special day, DreamzKraft centralises all your wedding planning requirements in one place. From offering various wedding services to an extensive list of wedding vendors, we provide it with all. Plus, with our wedding planning tools, every wedding detail comes together seamlessly, so you can sit back and enjoy your special day.

Q. What are things that you will be responsible for?

We help in consulting, planning, designing, and coordinating all the aspects of a wedding. Right from the venue selection to picking out the decor and stationery, making travel arrangements, and much more - we can do it all! Additionally, we also coordinate with vendors throughout the planning process. Nevertheless, we can be involved as much or as little as you require. The ultimate decision will always be yours.

Q. What are the services offered by DreamzKraft?

DreamzKraft offers wedding services that help you plan out the perfect wedding. These services include Wedding Design and Concept, Planning & Coordination, Event Branding, Budgeting, Hospitality, Logistics, and Artist Management. If you have any queries with regards to either of these services, drop us a message or give us a call at +91-9167730384.

Q. How will using the Wedding Checklist benefit?

Plan a wedding that’s as unique as you. From helping you manage lists to ticking off your final toast; the Wedding Checklists’ got you covered! This tool makes your work easy by allowing you to create customised checklists, add or remove tasks, finalise on vendors, and more. You save not only much of your time but also stay efficient, giving yourself more time to enjoy this beautiful period.

Q. How many weddings/events do you manage per day?

We ensure that we undertake only one wedding or event per day to give our undivided attention to it.

Q. Do you’ll have any references/testimonials by your previous clients for reference?

You can get an idea of our previous work by visiting our portfolio’s available on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Q. How do I book a date with you?

By emailing, calling or filling out the form available on our contact us page. We will then get in touch with you to make sure we can meet your needs and requirements. Additionally, if you prefer a face to face consultation, you can get in touch with us directly by booking an appointment. You can find the office address and contact number on the website -

Q. Which cities do you’ll provide your services for?

We provide our services to major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur, Goa, Kolkata, Kerala, etc. Additionally, we also cater to international cities such as Dubai, Bahrain, Bangkok, Colombo Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Phuket, Batumi Georgia, Abu Dhabi, etc. For more information, kindly contact us or drop us an email.

Q. How does using the Budget Manager Tool prove beneficial?

With the assistance of the Budget Manager, you can keep track of your wedding planning budget and spending levels. Just give us an estimated budget or vice versa, and we’ll provide an approximate cost for each artist, vendor and more while keeping in mind your actual expenditure limit.

Q. How will you help me stay within my budget?

Keeping in mind your budget, we offer suggestions on services like venues, vendors, artists, and more. If you haven't decided on a budget yet, we give you a round-up figure of the total income expenditure after the services you've chosen. However, you will have the final say in the whole process.

Q. What are the additional services you’ll offer other than wedding décor?

In addition to offering wedding décor services, we also get you in touch with the best wedding vendors such as DJs, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Videographers, Dress Designers, etc. Additionally, we also provide wedding artists such as singers, musicians, bands, dancers, etc.

Q. If I have a question not answered, how do I get in touch with you?

For any queries regarding services, vendors, and more, you can get in touch with us at the following number +91-9167730384 or drop us a message with regards to the query.

Q. Apart from planning the main event/reception, do you’ll also provide your services to the other events which are a part of a wedding?

Dreamzkraft is a professional wedding planning firm that offers its services to not only your main event but also other events leading down to the main day such as your cocktail party, mehendi, sangeet, haldi, and others.

Q. I am having some issue logging onto the website. Who should I contact with regards to this?

For any login issues, you can contact us at +91-9167730384 or drop us an email with your name and details.

Q. Do you’ll provide previous client wedding portfolios, so that I can get an idea about the quality of work you’ll provide?

To get an idea about the quality of work we provide, you can visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. For videos, you can find us on Youtube as well. Additionally, we also do provide an image gallery on the website to showcase some of the decor and themes design ideas we provide.

Q. I have an idea about my theme and venue in mind. Do you’ll help build on that or provide your inputs altogether?

We, at DreamzKraft, believe in delivering the best service possible. When it comes to providing inputs on particular decorations and themes, we do suggest some of the most trending design and decor themes in the market. However, if you have finalized on your theme or decor for a particular event, we make sure to better that by offering our inputs, thereby improvising on your theme/decor design chosen by you. The ultimate decision is yours; we help build on that idea.

Q. How do you’ll, DreamzKraft, as a wedding planning firm operate?

Dreamzkraft, as a wedding planning firm helps you plan the perfect wedding by offering user-friendly wedding planning tools, professional expertise, and a hard-working team that will guide you through every step to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.

Q. I have gone through your website and am interested in the work you’ll do. Are you’ll currently looking for interns or offering full-time job opportunities? Who can I contact with regards to this?

For more information with regards to job opportunities with DreamzKraft, you can get in touch with us on the contact number provided or send in your updated resume to the email id mentioned.

Q. Will you’ll assist me in finding the perfect venue?

We will surely assist you in finding the perfect venue. Depending upon the location and the number of guests, we suggest suitable venues that will cater to your tastes and requirements. Also, keeping in mind the budget you’ve narrowed down, we ensure to find the best venues suiting your corpus.

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