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Wedding Themes Decor

The idea of decorating a wedding according to a theme can seem pretty daunting. After all, some wedding themes seem to have endless amount of pieces, while others feel hard to accomplish. Luckily, we evoke most wedding themes with a few key pieces, giving you an exceptional moment to cherish for the rest of your life. Whether you’re looking for movie-themed wedding ideas, beach themed or anything in between, take a look at some of the popular décor themes ideas you can choose for your wedding celebration.

Bombay Broadway

Exuding extravagance and flamboyance with grandeur is our Bombay Broadway Theme décor. This is a fun way to pay homage to the classic Broadway shows with upbeat music, bright lights, and dancing for which Broadway is known. Since decorations play an important part of any Broadway theme event, we, at DreamzKrraft, create festive centerpieces, add elegant bouquets of vibrant colored flowers, and also include dramatic lighting and curtains for the stage decor, to help bring out the theme in the most beautiful and graceful way possible. Dance the night away while being surrounded by beautiful décor. We, help you turn your wedding day into a perfect Broadway show!

Wedding Theme Wedding Theme Ideas Latest Wedding Theme Bombay Wedding Theme

Budha Bar

From classical centerpieces to elaborate flower arrangements, our Buddha Bar theme décor exudes an upscale ambiance that is nothing but luxurious. With the stage dominated by a large statue of Buddha and a bar that reads extravagance from every angle, we, at DreamzKrraft, do everything in our ability to create a breath-taking environment that results in an experience that will be cherished forever. Using props sourced from the best craftsmen, and sets donning exotic flowers, we deliver décor that depicts opulence. We give you extraordinary décor to help create a perfect picture for your special day.

Wedding Theme Decoration Theme Wedding Decorators Budha Wedding Theme

Glam Night

Your celebration of togetherness deserves a night of spectacular extravaganza with shimmering lights, splendid performances, and swanky ambience. We, at DreamzKrraft, ensure this special moment to be a remarkable and memorable dreamy affair. With custom-designed glamorous sets, we adorn the celebration space with bright and colourful backdrops. Decorative fabrics and shining chandeliers add up to the charm and charisma of the event space. To uplifting the mood of festivity, our designers accentuate the space with minute detailing of shining danglers, floral accents, and other antic decorative elements. Last but not the least, DreamzKrraft puts up impeccably astounding shows with a variety of artists and performers that leave you spellbound. Sewing every aspect of a special night of celebration together, we give you an exceptional moment to cherish for the rest of your life.

Wedding Theme Design New Wedding Theme Marriage Decoration Ideas

Parisian Opera

Prepare yourself for the perfect dream wedding experience you have been looking forward to. Celebrate your moment of tying knots with your special one in a lavish and enchanting setting that you have always wanted. DreamzKrraft has the expertise and experienced professionals that create a stunning and spectacular view to give you an out-of-the-world experience. We custom design the celebration space with shimmering crystals dangling in a sophisticated pattern all around the space. It not only brightens up the venue but also brings out the charm of your wedding day. Accented with shining chandeliers in every corner and colorful floral decors, we put together a space that sends out a captivating and celebratory energy. Our professionals create elegant seating arrangement, decorated with contemporary chair and table setups, stunning fabric, and floral décor. Celebrate your special day in an extravagant space created with panache by the team of DreamzKrraft.

Wedding Stage Theme Stage Decoration Ideas Latest Indian Wedding Decoration Indian Wedding Decoration


Plan your big fat Indian wedding surrounded by opulence, extravagance, and laughter. We, at DreamzKrraft, offer alluring décor that leads to nostalgia filled affairs which are traditional and avant-garde. A backdrop adorned with stunning floral arrangements, luxurious chandeliers hanging up above, and crystals adding richness to the canopy while covering the ceiling, all brought to life in a deep palette of red, green, blue and gold – set the scene for the most affluent of big days. We take care of everything, from the set-up, décor, and props that complement the theme chosen. Elaborate, textured floral compositions spill across table tops, royal accented prints add a touch of the exotic while gilded details create the most luxurious of settings. The finishing touch? Lots of candles and red roses to turn the venue into a royal affair. We create an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression and also makes for a perfect love affair.

Wedding Hall Theme Wedding Sabhya Wedding Theme

The Paisley Detail

Celebrate your special day with this ultra-dramatic, all paisley detailed wedding theme. With beautiful colors adoring the space and high ceilings decorated with dreamcatchers, turn your special day into an intimate vibe. Our team of talented professionals ensures a stunning view, which is modern, elegant yet functional. With a combination of paisley details, to coral bouquets which pack a vibrant blast of color, and dreamcatchers that offer a dreamy vibe, come together to give your big day a luxuriant feel. From big, bold hanging pieces for ceremony focal points to sweet little dreamcatcher favors with a combination of a paisley print, find the perfect décor that symbolizes the idea of a ‘good dream’.

Wedding Decoration Theme Paisley Wedding Theme Outdoor Wedding Theme

The Royal Indian Affair

A royal affair with the synergy of great lighting and colorful floral arrangements; create an ideal look for your wedding which is nothing less than a royal Indian affair. We, provide decorative fabrics and huge chandeliers that add up to the charm and charisma of the event space. To uplifting the mood of festivity, our décor professionals accentuate the space with minute detailing of soft-colored curtains, a string of lights hanging through the canopy, and shiny gems to add elegance to the setting. If a royal affair is what you dream of, we, at DreamzKrraft, ensure to create a dazzling environment for your main day.

Wedding Theme Decorators Wedding Theme Decor Wedding Decoration Ideas Wedding Decor Theme Jajoo Wedding Theme

Victorian Opulence

Bring in your big day surrounded by Victorian opulence and grandeur. Soft pinks, neutrals, whites and antique patterns provide a glamorous and traditional look to your ceremony. We offer décor that blends as per your choices, creating an ideal touch of vibrancy to your evening. We help amp up your space with crystals and fringe dripping from chandeliers, large floral arrangements arching over the entrance, and traditional antique patterns that fit perfectly into any Victorian theme. To accentuate this beauty, we, at DreamzKrraft, team it up with tea lights, favours, and backdrops to craft the perfect look. Lastly, DreamzKrraft puts together custom-designed and elegantly carved structures along the way to add luxury at every step of the way.

Wedding Venue Theme Victorian Wedding Theme Marriage Hall Theme

Zen Garden

Tie the knot surrounded by natural beauty of a Zen garden inspired wedding that lends a note of serenity to the setting. Simple planting with pastel floral designs and perfect backdrop elements to give your focal point for taking vows a sense of enclosure with an eastern flare. To add up to the beautiful setting, we create charming pathways with satin drapes across the center stage and chandeliers creating a romantic and filmy setting for your wedding day. Our experts take care of every aspect to make your dream come true. Experience a love affair that lends a welcoming and calm feeling with our stunning décor and idyllic outdoor settings.

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