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Wedding decoration for a welcome dinner

01 Sep 2021

Wedding decoration for a welcome dinner

Welcome Lunch / Welcome Dinner

A welcome dinner or lunch is usually an amazing idea to get both sides of the families together for some fun before the wedding festivities start. It's a perfect kick start for some gathering and excitement. A good anchor helps to break the ice and organize fun family games with the relatives as this sets the base for the next few days that everyone will be spending together. Wedding dinner themes should be welcoming and something that the couple feels will be the vibe for both families.

The wedding decoration

The decor is without a doubt an intrinsic element for any event and sets the aura of the event. Be it a megawatt moment or err on the more casual side, the tone for the celebration is entirely up to the bride and the groom and the family as the wedding is the place that really represents who you are as a couple.

Hawaiian themed wedding decoration

A Luau welcome lunch held at an exotic Rajasthan location made the venue look alive with the festive Hawaiian themed decorations. Servers in matching Hawaiian themed outfits moved around offering cool drinks and bites to guests. Exotic fruit art centre pieces and lots of lush greens used with edibles like chocolates and fruits decked the tables with the tropical feel. The couple seating, welcome signage and the DJ console were also all decked with glorious floral to match the vibe and the overall feel of the lunch was such that the guests felt transported to an another place!

Rustic themed wedding decoration

Another theme used for an exotic welcome dinner was that of a rustic, Buddha bar with tikki torches lining up the pathway to the venue and a 15-foot Buddha statue that stole all the attention. With the perfect whisk of tribal feel, lively foot-tapping music, entertainment artists and decorations done up with twinkling fairy lights that lit up tented cabana style seating at the poolside with desiccated flowers and over a thousand scented candles looked simply magical. The rustic decor adorned with Pampas grass, real dried flowers, lush green ariel hangings read extravagance from every angle. A live chocolate station with servers dressed up as rustic deers, Tanoura dancers and fire acts lit up the night. The highlight of the welcome dinner was 3D wall mapping of the specially curated wedding logo and a pool side venue with an alluring bridge.

At Dreamzkrraft, we believe in fabricating spectacular extravaganza for our lovely couple and the family. Our team meticulously designs and customises every detail to turn our client's dreams into reality. We do believe wedding decoration plays a major aesthetic part for the welcome dinner, but our planning team also takes care that we focus on family and friends, as to how engaging and homely the dinner feels with fun games, quirky food and drinks, spectacular artists, eye-catchy signages and much more.

Our decor heads help to design your theme that represents a unique personality of the couple. It could be a The Great-Gatsby theme, or a vibrant Bollywood theme, Tropical theme, Retro's disco theme, Royal theme and a lot more depending on what our couple likes. We orchestrate every detail with finesse, and craft and astounding event according to your likes.

To know more visit Decoration for Wedding page.

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