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Wedding Emcees

Tired of hearing the same old jokes again and again? Ever witnessed an awkward moment when a problem occurs and no one knows how to react? If yes, then skip the unnecessary drama on your wedding day and hire a professional wedding emcee for your wedding day. Make your guests feel comfortable with the perfect wedding emcee that has a good sense of humor and presence of mind to keep them glued to the celebratory mood.
To help you, we have compiled a list of the Top Wedding Emcees for you..


Khayat Kava

Price on Request

Khayat Kava is a professional anchor with excellent communication skills. Khyati Khava has worked with some of the big brands and hosted more than 2000 shows all across the nation and abroad.


A K Rahman

Price on Request

With over 3000 live shows to his credit, A K Rahman can host almost any event with great expertise and versatility and has mastered the art of performing at the spur of the moment.


Deepti Sidhwani

Price on Request

Winner of Miss North India 2006 and crowned as Dream Girl 2007, Deepti has several other accolades to her name. With an experience of over 1000 shows, she rocks the show with her presence.


Bhavna Bhatia

Price on Request

Bhavana Bhatia is a Mumbai-based anchor. She is anchoring for more than a decade and has hosted numerous LIVE shows, corporate gigs, Weddings etc.

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