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Wedding Services

Every wedding needs exceptionally planned services to turn it into a beautiful actuality. Aiming to deliver a remarkable memory of the beginning of togetherness, DreamzKrraft provides bespoke services and facilities with the most skilled and experienced wedding planners. Considering the importance of this event, we completely devote ourselves to ensure that your personality comes shining through. As one of the leading wedding planners in the country with several award-winning projects, we believe in taking care of even the tiniest detail to perfection.

Services Offered

To facilitate your dream wedding, we offer the following services



The beauty of a wedding lies in celebrating every moment of it. Celebrations form one of those integral and timeless memories that give life new meaning. Thus, to help make every occasion a happy one, we, at DreamzKrraft offer venues that suit your fairy-tale celebration. Choose and book from a wide range of venues available across the country and internationally, check availability of dates and days, all with just a click. Find the finest of the banquet halls to the most happening outdoor function halls only at DreamzKrraft . Get venue bookings done in a jiff with DreamzKrraft to guide you through every step of the way. We offer the perfect assistance and the resources to manage such bookings, for you to sit back and enjoy this magical journey.

Wedding Design Ideas


Picture yourself on your wedding day; we give shape to that very vision on this beautiful occasion. We create a special environment that reflects what this celebration means to you. With skilled and experienced professionals, we ideate an extravagant theme for your grand celebration with an artistic view. Taking inspiration from your grandiose vision, we, at DreamzKrraft, develop a personalized concept with a flair of exciting creative design and glamorous undertone, accentuated with luxurious detail elements. It adds the perfect finishing touches of pure sophistication to the classic romance of a stylish couple. Explore a lot more designs and concepts, and make the most important day of your life one of the best memories.

Wedding Planning


A spectacular execution of a grand wedding needs seamless planning and coordination, for you to relax and enjoy the experience. With such preparation, we ensure you have a beautifully well-organized event without any stress, guaranteeing that everything stays affordable and consistent with your vision. We take care of the logistics and keep a close eye on the budget. Promising you the best-styled service, we have the most skilled planners and coordinators to pick the perfect vendors, negotiate contracts, and manage guests. From comprehensive venue search to detailed wedding day itinerary to vendor meetings and bookings, we offer the perfect assistance with the help of seasoned professionals. Thus, assuring you execution of services with meticulous attention to detail that reflect unique style and taste, offering you peace of mind to enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Decoration Ideas


Create the perfect mood and ambience for every event by choosing the right decor only at DreamzKrraft. Be it choosing the right fabric, setting up sets or bringing in flowers from a foreign location; we make sure to deliver it all with competence. Ensuring every element blends with all the detailing, we give a fine touch to the design of every venue, bringing out the best that suits the ceremony. Be it illuminating the space with some beautiful candles or paper lanterns for the engagement or adding character with the help of multicoloured rose petals blooming under the sun at your outdoor Mehendi ceremony; we incorporate wonderful embellishments to create an ambience that captures the feel of your special day. Our team of experts and professional vendors plan, organise and execute functions with utmost finesse to create a beautiful environment.

Choose a Wedding Theme


Joy, excitement, and grandeur – these are the elements that make a big fat wedding. A wedding will be incomplete without all the fanfare that supplements it. At DreamzKrraft, we aspire to bring together an entertainment line-up for you and your loved ones, and make your wedding an experience of a lifetime. We ensure every event to be a memorable affair by arranging live entertainment with the help of exuberant, humorous, skillful, energetic, and versatile renowned personalities and more.

Wedding Planners near you


Represent your essence in the most innovative way by creating your own brand for your special day. At Dreamzkrraft, we personalize graphic designs for every event with originality. We conceptualize custom brands using different patterns, symbols, a monogram or a logo, which will help set the tone for every ceremony. Determining a unique style, feel, and color palette, we develop a completely special brand for your event. Carrying the essence of the brand throughout all the design elements, we culminate a completely exclusive event look that defines your personality. By perfecting your theme and designing just the right font, we create a cohesive collection of wedding goods designed to tell your story beautifully.

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