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Decoration for wedding

01 Feb 2021

Decoration for wedding

All ado about Wedding decorations

Weddings are an intricate part of our lives, a celebration that is looked forward to by the whole family and planned up to several years in advance. Once you set your date, the next thing to finalize is the whole wedding planning, decoration for the wedding and of course the venue where you will celebrate your special day. Wedding celebrations are getting more innovative with every year, with people wanting to plan their big day as uniquely as possible, unlike all the weddings of family and friends that they have attended. With unique trends in décor and planning with complete customization, there are many ways in which you can make your wedding stand out from the rest to make it a special experience for all of your guests. Millennial couples are paying more attention to guest entertainment and personalization to make sure their day becomes an unforgettable event for everyone. Finer details are planned with care like 24 hour hi-tea lounges, salons for the guests, after-parties, symbolic gifts, innovative invites sent up to rooms before the start of each function and special performances by periphery artists to involve everyone present. The artists can be performers, in costume, numerologists, mentalists, magicians, thematic artists and even exclusive performers like liquid drummers.

The wedding venue is the most important thing to cross out from your list at the start. The venue needs to match the personalities of the couple and the kind of celebration they intend to have. It can be a palatial royal wedding and decoration for someone who wants a traditional and regal affair. A beach side fun wedding for a couple more adventurous and light hearted, or an exotic foreign location for those with the travel-bug. The venue also will lend character to your celebration and the themes will blend better for a perfect wedding day! Heritage structures have an ethereal ambiance about them which impresses and is loved by all. Outdoor and Indoor venues can be selected based on the weather, timing of the function and other rules and regulations that also become a deciding factor. With Covid regulations coming in place, most venues have a limit on the hours that outdoor and indoor music can be played, hence itineraries need to be planned accordingly. Deciding the themes and functions is the next big step and here is where the elders in the family come into play, sharing their expertise on the rituals that need to be held.

Once you have zeroed in into your dream venue, planning the functions and the themes comes next. Many couples want to keep the smaller rituals intimate and personal with only immediate family present, while others want to celebrate each and every small ritual in the presence of all their guests and loved ones in a big fashionable way. Similarly, some may want a 2-day wedding, while others go in for an elaborate 4-5-day wedding that makes it a whole week of fun and togetherness for all guests. Additional fun activities like a pool party, game night, cocktail night and even mela and fun fairs are arranged to give everyone a taste of exclusivity and to make sure each day has something special for them.There are however, few wedding functions that are common to most all Indian weddings like the Welcome lunch/dinner, Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, Wedding Pheras and a Reception. Most millennial couples also prefer to have after-party celebrations post their Sangeet or Reception functions. These after-parties very well go on till late into the night and the wee hours of the morning with their cousins and friends.Below you can read about some of the themes for the functions that are most loved and ones which exude exceptional tastes.

Wedding decoration has come a long way since the past two decades and is always evolving to include various trends and themes that translate into exceptional celebrations. Leaving behind the simple floral arrangements and regular tables and chairs that were the norm, weddings today have many detailed and customized aspects that make your event look exceptional. Specially made furniture matching the wedding theme with customized cushion covers for pillows, tie backs, table overlays all ties in together and makes the venue come live with the chosen look. Wedding decoration also has encompassed art installations like paintings, floral art, customized sculptures along with props, lighting and thematic signage which can take on a quirky tone to add to the vibe of the event being planned. Wedding decoration stands for a lot more than it did a decade ago. With rapidly changing tastes and more self-aware couples who know the type of celebration they want, décor has gone a long way and now caters to all new avenues. Taking inspiration from a city, country, place or even nightclub that the couple holds important and dear to their love story, wedding designers now use decoration to bring to life those moments and immortalize them forever as part of their wedding memories.

Some of our favourite decorations for your wedding functions

1. Welcome Lunch / Dinner

A welcome dinner or lunch is usually a good idea to get both sides of the families together for some fun before the wedding festivities start. A good anchor helps to break the ice and organize fun family games with the relatives as this sets the base for the next few days that everyone will be spending together. Wedding dinner themes should be welcoming and something that the couple feels will be the vibe for both families. A Luau welcome lunch held at an exotic Rajasthan location made the venue look alive with the festive Hawaiian themed decorations. Servers in matching Hawaiian themed outfits moved around offering cool drinks and bites to guests. Fruit art center pieces and lots of greens used with edibles like chocolates and fruits decked the tables with the tropical feel. The couple seating, welcome signage and the DJ console were also all decked to match the vibe and the overall feel of the lunch was such that the guests felt transported to another place! Another theme used for an exotic welcome dinner was that of a rustic, Buddha bar with tiki torches lining up the pathway to the venue and a 15-foot Buddha statue that stole all the attention. Decorations done up with twinkling fairy lights that lit up tented cabana style seating at the poolside with desiccated flowers and over a thousand scented candles looked simply magical.

2. Mehendi

A mehendi function is most dear to the bride and usually this part of the wedding decoration is done with her tastes and likes in mind. From vibrant and bright mehendi décor to subtle and pastel; the theme stands out just like the bride. For one such function, the entire theme was developed around the use of Patola fabric that is native to Gujarat for this special couple. Patola sarees were used in draping, special prints were used for the furniture, bright colours were used as hangings making the theme visible all around the venue. Another bride wanted her Mehendi function to be an ode to her love for fairy tales, and thus was designed the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. All characters were represented with periphery artists, a keyhole entrance led to the magical lands, bright coloured flowers drenched the entire garden venue with their stunning display as giant cages were transformed into stylish lounges. Tea cups, saucers, hats, clocks and more were all a part of the decorations that transformed this Mehendi into the bride’s dream come true.

3. Sangeet

Sangeet functionsare always peppy with hi energy and lots of fun and dancing, creating innumerable memories to capture! A sangeet function will invariably have the couple’s favourite artist performing for them along with a DJ to belt out foot tapping tunes for the guests. A royal sangeet at the Zenana Mahal decked with antique glass candle holders, red florals and mirrored walls looked resplendent and regal to the T. SFX with smoke, cold pyros timed fireworks added an extra oomph to the decorations. Another favourite theme for the sangeet is Bollywood and it can be executed in many different ways. A detailed thematic celebration we planned included look alike actors and invisible drummers to welcome guests as fake paparazzi flashed their cameras away. Movie posters blown up to 15 feet lined the walls in the pre-function area as well as the ballroom and award statuettes, clapboards, film reels were used as table centrepieces with Bollywood customized cushion covers and coasters to ensure an all-round experience.

4. Wedding Pheras

The function where every detail is of utmost importance, the wedding decoration at the pheras is also the most important. Most couples like to go with traditional themes that match the emotional moods and moments of this day. Flowing fragrant florals, traditional elements, lights and a surreal ambiance makes the perfect wedding phera setting. For an ethereal phera function held at a lakeside venue in Mumbai, we designed the mandap with cascading strings of tuberoses set against the lake. Lounges with Indian prints in English colours and traditional elements used in the décor with exotic floral arrangements made an everlasting impact. For yet other beautiful weddings;a floral exclusive mandap with mirrored pillars, delicate ivory lace chair covers and the glow of candles set the mood for an evening of beauty and grace.

Thematic Wedding Decoration is the way to go

Thematic decorations for your weddingare in vogue now to give your guests an experiential feel and unforgettable memories of your special day. Everyone wants to make their wedding day a bit special for themselves and their loved ones, and having a theme to the wedding functions is one way to do it. It also creates excitement where guests can look forward to participating by following the thematic dress codes that are given. Here are some of our popular themes that most brides and grooms go for:

1. Wedding Decoration – Vintage

With vintage back in fashion, this theme makes for beautiful and romantic ambiances for your special day. Whether you love the 1930's Art Deco, Great Gatsby-style luxury; or prefer lots of lace, ivory & pale colours, pearl details and candles;a vintage theme for any of your wedding functions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.For a vintage themed sundowner party we planned at a lake-side venue, we used props like antique sewing machines, rotary dial telephones, vintage leather covered books, vintage suitcases and typewriters that were set up to add an old-charm look. The wedding decorations, flower arrangements andprops all were in keeping with the colour palette of pearl, ivory and silver. Antique mirrors with pearl strings draped on them, vintage cutlery and tea sets add to the dining experience.

2. Wedding Decoration – Fairy-tale

A fairy-tale is what all brides and grooms wish for,with ever-lasting happiness and joy! Fulfilling one bride’s wish to feel like a princess at her wedding, we designed and planned her Mehendi function to be themed after Alice in Wonderland. Artists dressed as the White Queen and Alice welcomed the guests to the venue through a floral keyhole entrance. The pre-function area was decked with sweets likecupcakes, jellies, cookies, chocolates, cakes, macaroon towers and a chocolate fondue as well. Keeping in with the theme, there were treats labelled ‘Eat Me’ and bottles as ‘Drink Me’. A fortune teller enticed guests just before they stepped out into the chess gardens.Clocks, hats and teacups and saucers hung from the foliage all around the venue, lending towards the theme as well. Table place mats were printed with clocks as well amid bright floral runners. A myriad variety of exotic florals used in the decorations were in shades of pink, lilac, green, whites and peach. The Mad Hatter joined in the revelry as footmen stood attentively at the foot of her pumpkin carriage, making this fairy-tale wedding come alive!

3. Wedding Decoration – Good Earth

Connecting the wedding decoration tothe beauty of our Earth, the good earth theme consists of a lot nature inspired elements. From antique furniture to beaten metal vases and tall brass lamps decorated with minimal flowers, lots of props can be used to liven up spaces. An abundance of tuberoses, tagar jaalis, Kenya roses, palm trees, rajnigandhas, kamini patta floral arrangements placed throughout the venuelent a serene and graceful ambiance for a wedding we designed & planned. Lounges were created with modern Indian prints in English colours and propped with vintage props, console tables, candle stands and tall brass glasses. The head table decked with floral runners in whites and greens as swan hangings with tuberoses placed overhead. Cascading floral strings of fragrant tuberose add a lilting look that enchants wherever it is used, over the pathway, lounges or even the mandap. Such glamourous wedding decoration combined with exotic floral arrangements in delicate crystal vases depict a picture of pure perfection for the most important day of your life. This theme is one of the favourite for all brides and the results are beautiful, be in indoor or outdoor venues.

4. Wedding Decoration – Royal

Everyone loves to feel like royalty on their wedding day, making it much more specialfor them. From not only dressing up like royalty with elements of regal attire in their outfits and accessories, but celebrating their wedding at a palace venue and planning the wedding decoration in a way to display royalty makes it an exotic experience for them and all their guests. Grand mandaps set up against the backdrop of the Umaid Bhawan or Jagmandir, the Island Palace look ethereal and stunning. Wedding decorations fit for a king and queen can be planned with an abundance of fresh flowers, royal elements, striking floral installations, lighting and rich colours. Exclusive entry and varmala ideas with cold pyros and fireworks add a touch of magic to the majestic wedding day.

5. Wedding Decoration – Award Night

This is a theme that has soon become a favourite for a Sangeet, Cocktail night and even Reception function. Everyone feels like a superstar when they are up on a starry stage with LEDs flashing behind them, very reminiscent of an awards night stage. With a LED wall at the backdrop and even the façade of the stage, string bulbs and flashing lights lend an air of fun, glamour and iridescent evening. This wedding theme decoration can be combined with various periphery artists who mingle with the crowds and perform for them adding to the entertainment value.

New trend of After – party celebrations

Traditional receptions are still present, but in destination weddings when all family and friends are together for the whole 3 or 4 days of the wedding, a reception is usually replaced with an after party where all guests can enjoy and celebrate the newly-wed couple. Some of the most popular, fun & lively after party themes:

1. Wedding Decoration – Bollywood

Calling all Bollywood fans! Everyone across all ages enjoys this theme, making it one of the favourites of all time. Extreme detailing can take this theme from basic to experiential, making it an unforgettable night. From having actor doubles to make an appearance to fake paparazzi who make the guests feel like stars when they enter the venue, a lot can be done with this theme. Blown up movie posters can adorn the walls of the ballroom or the pathway with bulbs lit up along the way. For decoration of this wedding after party, customized cushion covers and coasters with prints of popular actors across the decades, quirky dialogue signages around the venue with some classic gold & black and shimmer completes the look. Exotic florals with the red carpet look and props like award statuettes and clap boards adds to the detailing of this look. To add a fun quotient to this night, movie ticket invites can be sent out which will be stamped on entry with the couple’s logo.

2. Wedding Decoration – Night Club

Transforming your ballroom to look and feel like a night club is another of our favorites! For an after party held in Mumbai, the post wedding decoration was done up completely in black & white with cirque as part of the theme. Black and white geometric prints on all furniture with a pop of royal lavender, blue and red florals stood out. A variety of periphery artists like contortionists, aerial silk artists, mirror men, illuminated stilt walkers, ballerinas, LED drummers, clowns with pirate dwarf sidekicks all moved about the ballroom putting on acts for the guests. Hand-painted animal statues, sculptures and paintings all in black & white were placed throughout the venue. The central 40-foot bar was done up with a thousand pieces of customized acrylic hangings with cube lights over the dance floor making the venue look like a night club. The décor lent an air of mystique and beauty and was a different out-of-the-world look which looked stunning.

3. Wedding Decoration – Pajama parties and such

The best themes are those which allow the guests to enjoy themselves and relax in their surroundings. For most after parties, young couples like to have fun themes where all their guests can participate in them, making it enjoyable for all. The post wedding decorations for this also depends largely on the theme chosen. After the wedding festivities and a traditional sit-down dinner, the bride and groom can unwind and relax to celebrate their new status of Mr. & Mrs. with their near and dear ones with a casual pajama party where everyone can change from heavy jewelry and dresses to something light and casual. Neon props add a fun quotient as do cold pyros for a dramatic entry. Lighting effects with laser lights, LEDs make the night more alluring.

4. Wedding Decoration – White Wedding / Winter Wonderland

Many brides and grooms like to borrow the western idea of a white wedding setting. Apart from the wedding pheras, which are usually traditional in manner of celebration; many couples choose the white/ivory theme for another one of their functions like a Sundowner welcome dinner or the after-party. Starting with the décor in shades of ivory, pearl, whites and off-whites, contrasting white floral arrangements with greens and rustic colours does wonders for the look. Rustic elements like wood and jute also add a lot of character to the décor. Combining it with a casual chic seating with low cabanas strewn with customized cushions and elements like inverted florals from the ceiling give this decoration a unique feel. For a more formal ambiance, ivory florals with snowflake cutouts and pale fabricsshowcase a winter wonderland theme.

Theme integration is definitely the way to go and a complete representation can be achieved in all the wedding functions with the wedding decoration, artists, entertainment, invites & gifting and even the menu & food presentation all coming together to provide a perfect thematic experience for everyone.

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