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Shades by Ashwin Mishra


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Shades Photography was established by power couple Ashwin & Jhalak. Ashwin is a film school graduate from Vancouver Film School, Canada and has significant experience in the field of visual effects and animation. He loves to capture emotions and makes his best effort to capture them on the most important days of your life. Whereas, Jhalak is an artist with a passion for Photography. With Shades Photography, Ashwin & Jhalak have combined forces to create magic through photos.

Booking & Cancellation Terms

  • 50% of the bill amount to be paid in advance to confirm the booking. 40% of the balance amount to be paid one day prior to the event. Balance 10% of the amount to be paid upon receiving the deliverables.
  • If the booking is cancelled, advances are non-refundable
  • Turn over time will be 4 months
  • Cost of album: 30,000 per album (30sheets)
  • Travel expenses will be paid by the client

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