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Sunil Sale

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Currently working as, a Bollywood dance director, Sunil Sale is a well-known dancer and choreographer ..


Sunil Sale

He started his own dance company in 2006 called SSDC. Since then his knowledge and experience have led the company to make a mark not only in Bollywood and event industry in India but also globally. He is acclaimed as India's youngest producer, director and choreographer of the first Bollywood based broadway musical “Bollywood Evolution” for Zee TV Mauritius. He has choreographed for Star Parivaar Live UK 2011 & 2012. Sunil Sale has also worked as a Dance assistant for movies like Mission Istanbul, C-Kompany, E.M.I, Love Breakup Zindagi etc. He has a team of talented and versatile dancers to pull out jaw-dropping live performances..


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