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Nivritti Chandra


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Nivritti Chandra is a professional make-up artist & instructor who has been a part of the beauty industry for 8+ years. She operates from both Delhi and Mumbai. Nivritti has given some of the most unbelievable makeovers to the brides-to-be. She highlights your best features and studies your wedding theme and outfit in order for the look to go in line with them. Her bridal package consists of eye makeup, blemish fixing, contouring, nude/HD/airbrush/bridal/party makeup, false lashes, and jewelry styling.

Booking & Cancellation Terms

  • Charges Rs. 15,000 for trial make-up 
  • 50% of the bill amount to be paid in advance before the event 
  • If the booking is cancelled, the advance amount will not be refundable 
  • Travel expenses to be paid by the client

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