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Why Should You Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

30 Jan 2019

Why Should You Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

From the moment you and your partner got engaged or maybe even way before that—you’ve always been fantasizing of saying your vows on a beautiful beach, right? While the thought of having a wedding reception far from home can be lovely and wonderful, but the process from "Yes" to "I do" is pretty daunting! That’s why hiring a destination wedding planner is the key!

From hiring the best wedding vendors, figuring out accommodation or to planning on the best sights to see, DreamzKraft gives you additional top 5 reasons as to why should you hire a destination wedding planner for your wedding.

They Know The Locale Better

The last thing you want to do is waste your time searching for the best authentic local restaurants or famous photo spots. Your wedding planner acts as your personal directory of recommendations and reviews. He will help you make a perfect wedding weekend schedule that checks-off everything on your to-do list.

You Can Save Time And Energy

When you hire a wedding planner, you actually save time to actually enjoy the scenery, prepare for the wedding and spend quality time with your guests. From the wedding location to wedding decor; cake and champagne for celebration to your accommodation; everything will be taken care which will save a lot of time and energy for your wedding day.

They Help In Saving You Money

People believe that hiring a wedding planner adds an additional cost to the wedding budget. Believe us, it isn’t true! Wedding planners develop a strong relationship with vendors over time and are comfortable negotiating better rates — especially than you. This further helps in saving yourself from getting tricked by the local vendors as well as to bag the best deals and discounts for your wedding.

Legalities Are Taken Care Of

Just because you have paid a couple of visits to a place doesn’t mean you can handle the legal issues of planning a wedding there. This is where a destination wedding planner can save the day. With his profound knowledge of the all the legal procedures, he takes care of all legal regulations, registrations, document verification's, and everything else related to it.

They Help You Set/Stick To A Budget

Since prices vary based on the location you choose, setting a budget without any guidance can be a little tricky. A destination wedding planner can tell you if your planned budget is realistic for the type of wedding you’re hoping to pull off, or give you alternate options that will work best for you.

Trust us! Don’t let yourself be stressed and exhausted on your D-day. Instead, hire a wedding planner to make your life easier!

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