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Wedding Venue Hacks

06 Dec 2018

Wedding Venue Hacks

It’s common for wedding venues to have limitations. After all, those same poor walls and ceilings have been used weekend after weekend, year after year for sticking, taping and pounding. And if you think you can try working against the space, then STOP! You’re not going to turn it into an Italian castle, no matter how hard you try. Your goal is just to try to make the space look festive.

So whether you’re planning for a small haldi or a big roka function, these quick hacks ensure that your wedding venue gets that extra kick it needs to make for lovely photographs!!!


If, like one of your “Mausi Ki Beti”, you too plan to get married in the social hall of your religious institution, then you are probably going to face the “big ugly space” problem.

The Hack

Hang tall centerpieces (which don’t have to be expensive, should just be big) or lanterns to create a romantic feel. You can also use balloons, simple materials like muslin and paper for fabric draping or just push your tables together. This will make the room feel cozy instead of cavernous.


The biggest problem with wedding venues is low light levels. It becomes a great challenge for most photographers to take photos in low light conditions.

The Hack

Place flashes in the far corners of the room or consider using light-colored decor and linens to brighten up the space. Also, remember to warn your photographer that light conditions will not be ideal, so that can be planned for.


When guests arrive, the first they notice are the wedding decorations, specially the chairs. If the chairs clash with the wedding décor, it could possibly ruin the atmosphere of the event.

The Hack

Rent furniture that complements your style of colors. Like “Chiavari Chairs” or “Wimbledon Chairs” are classic choices for uber chic and rustic weddings. This will provide a beautiful backdrop for an elegant rustic wedding.


The wedding theme and the wedding venue are exactly like how you imagined — but the carpet is terrible and doesn’t match with your colour scheme.

The Hack

Keep your guests’ eyes above the carpet. With the lights dimmed, stunning decor and a dance floor covering most of it; your guests won’t be able to tell you the pattern or colour of the carpet once the night is over. And so, the point is made.


If the ugly duckling from the story book could turn into a beautiful swan, then the ugly wall can definitely be transformed without breaking the bank. All it takes is a bit of imagination and inspiration.

The Hack

Use pipe and drape to cover them! The best part is that renting drapery is not very expensive and can go a long way in beautifying a wedding venue. Or you can also utilize projectors and add moving pictures to the dividers. This trick likewise serves as a lighting highlight and gives the space a remarkable look.

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