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Ways To Cut Wedding Costs According To Wedding Planners

16 Jan 2019

Ways To Cut Wedding Costs According To Wedding Planners

It’s no secret that the cost of a wedding today can easily break one’s bank. And while you might have a dozen ideas in mind for the decor, food, venue and attire, it’s exceptionally important to decide on your budget at the outset.

So brides and grooms, take note! Here are a few ways to cut down on wedding costs and still have the Sangeet and wedding reception you always wanted.

D-I-Y Invitation

Instead of designing your wedding invites, create your own wedding invitations and save the date cards. Browse through internet and get the latest ideas for a truly unique invitation.

Limit The Bar

Limit the bar to beer and wine or simply offer a signature drink at your wedding reception. This in return will significantly reduce your beverage tab.

Skip The DJ

After a couple of drinks, the music playing in the background during the cocktail hour is just BACKGROUND MUSIC! So it may not matter if it’s live or streaming off from your friend’s music playlist.

Avoid Giving Wedding Favors

After eating, drinking and dancing for hours at your wedding reception, your guests really don’t need chocolate boxes or picture frames to take back home! So avoid giving wedding favors as these little trinkets add up, especially with more guests.

Avoid Season Time

If you haven't noticed, the majority of weddings take place from October to December. So plan an off-season wedding celebration and save big on venues, artists, photographers and caterers, etc.

Cut-down The Guest List

While making a guest list, divide it into these categories- close relatives and distant relatives. Now, you need not call each and every one for your wedding reception. Call only the ones with who you and your family are in regular contact. Others can be given a miss!

Use A Private Home As The Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding function at home can cuts down on costs that you would normally pay at a public venue or a reception site. You can also hire the vendors of your choice (and save thousands in catering costs) and also decorate the venue the way you would like.

Remember, no matter what you do! At the end of the day, all the memories and love shared with your family and friends is all that matters!

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