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The Guide To A Perfectly Worded Wedding Invitation

24 Nov 2018

The Guide To A Perfectly Worded Wedding Invitation

Your invitation card should reflect the style of your wedding – after all it is the first impression your guests will have of your Wedding Day! And whether you choose to print the wedding invitations in your mother-tongue or English, there are a few important things that you definitely need to keep in mind before you put that pen to paper.

To make it easier for you, Dreamzkraft has put together some of the important guidelines for writing a perfect wedding invitation.


If you are having a themed wedding, choosing a traditional or elegant style is suitable for both formal and informal wedding invitations. You won’t risk offending your “Bade Chacha or Bua” with this beautiful, tasteful style choice.


Some of the components like the name of the hosts’, couple’s first and last name, date and time of the wedding and the address are mandatory. There is no official order for listing the names. It’s all up to personal preference.


Just like your wedding, the invitation card is also a one-time deal. You need to remember that after writing the invitations they’ll be shipped to your guests abroad. Keeping this in mind, it is always advisable to write your invitation card for your wedding as early as possible.


Once you’ve figured out the nitty-gritties (the host line, request line, information line!) you need to figure out which family members should be mentioned under the “with best compliments” part. If you have a really long list of relatives, mention a few and then add “friends & family” or the family name at the end.


Mentioning gifts on wedding invites, is an Indian thing. The guests will most definitely be getting the couple something! Etiquette gurus will tell you that you will least receive a shagun envelope, a bouquet of flowers or even a re-gift! But if you’re sure you don’t want any (or at least no boxed gifts), it’s best to mention it on the card itself.


Most couples ignore this part. But by sending the RSVP, it can help make proper arrangements for the expected number of guests attending the wedding function.


If there is a cocktail party after/before the ceremony, you can mention it in the last. You can also choose to add your wedding hashtag in this section or at the end of your wedding invitation.

You may also like to include the following on the back of your invitation card

  • Directions to the ceremony
  • Personal contact details
  • Dress code (if any)

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