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Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

30 Nov 2018

Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

While planning a wedding may sound fun to some, every couple that has gone through the process will consider it to be extremely overwhelming and tiresome. From booking vendors to selecting wedding invitations, it requires a huge time commitment. And while we all want our dream wedding to be like #SonamKiShaadi, the best we can do is get some responsibilities out of the way to make it less cumbersome. Here is where DreamzKraft, India’s number one wedding planners come in, to prevent every bride from turning into the much dreaded Bridezilla!

Here are the reasons why you need DreamzKraft on board:

Time is money, and we help you save both!

Despite what may look like an additional cost for some to start with, hiring an event planner can help cut several other costs along the way. From vendor discounts to industry knowledge, DreamzKraft helps the families to focus on more important things for the big day.

Sticking to your budget, is what’s number 1 on our task list!

Wedding planners in India can help get you a bang for the buck and adhere to the budget you have had in mind for this special occasion. Think about it, our vendors want to please us with their best rate, and we want to please you with ours, so it’s a win-win for all!

We know everyone.

A typical couple’s browser history will include thousands of pages on the “best florists, hair and make-up artists, venues, photographers, designers, bakeries and so on”. Wedding planners already have this thoroughly assessed network in their database! And what could be better than being able to filter out the best vendors according to your budget at the first go itself, huh?

Tell us when, and it will be done exactly then!

Yes, the groom’s shoes will be stolen at 4:23 p.m. sharp and the boomerang with the bridesmaids will be taken at exactly 6:32 p.m. From the minutest to the biggest details of the schedule, we got you.

Arrangements of the Zero hour

The bride can enjoy her glass of wine with her bridesmaids while the groom sips on some Scotch, doing so without any worry, because we got this under control!

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