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Proposals That Won't Be Turned Down!

14 Feb 2018

Proposals That Won't Be Turned Down!

Proposing to your girlfriend is a life-changing moment that you both will cherish and share for forever. And the story of how you proposed will be retold numerous times. First to her parents, followed by her friends, and then to everyone who spots the new ring you got her. If you're going to have a story, you better make sure it’s a good one.While the standard picks of placing the ring in a champagne flute, proposing on a holiday, or getting down on one knee in a beautiful park are definitely classics, you can always try something out-of-the-box to wow her.To help you, DreamzKraft has compiled the best proposal ideas she just won’t know how to say no to.

Plan an Unforgettable Vacation Proposal:

Go somewhere with her for a holiday. It could be just going trekking or exploring a city nearby. Plan and find places with a breathtaking view in advance. There is nothing more romantic than a glass of wine atop a mountain. Your proposal would make this moment extra special.

Hire a Skywriter to Spell Out Your Proposal for You:

Can be a little dramatic, but skywriting is one of the most romantic proposal types ever! You can stay close and at the same time announce your love to the world. And it’s definitely something extraordinary and not something she’d expect!

Recreate her favorite love story:

Maybe she is a big fan of “The Notebook”, or maybe she just can’t stop re-watching “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge” Recreate her favorite love scene and she won’t say NO!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane:

Take her to the place where you both first met, had a date or shared some good memories together. Arrange a beautiful dinner or just make a note. She will be impressed and remember this proposal for her whole life.

Make it Big News:

Take out a full-page ad in a newspaper, or call a radio station and make sure your girlfriend is listening when your proposal is on air.

Surprise Her at Work:

Being proposed to at work is a dream come true for some women. Let her friends and co-workers see this monumental moment in her life.

Surprise Her During the Movie Interval:

If your partner is a movie buff, then this may be the perfect proposal for you. Create a movie trailer and then screen it at the movie theater during the interval of the film. She will be smitten by this move.

Put On Your Chef’s Hat:

This works best for men who never cook. Seriously! Plan the dinner menu around her favorite cuisine. Place the ring on the table in a centerpiece. Try to avoid placing the ring in the food as this may be seen as being ‘too cliché’. Which one among these options has your heart skipping a beat?

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