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7 Ways To Personailze Your Weddidng

13 Nov 2018

7 Ways To Personailze Your Weddidng

Bored of the same old jasmine and rose garlands? Looking for ways to add that personal touch to your wedding decoration? If yes, then let DreamzKraft – the best event planners help you!

Picture This - While the panditji is busy doing his job, your guests are admiring the beautiful colour scheme, drapes and center-pieces around. And when the Bidaiis over, your guests walk away from the ceremony saying, "OMG, that was incredible!" How did they do that?

Likewise, if you too wish to have a wedding that is unique and speaks ounces of your love story, then take a look at these awww-some personalized wedding décor ideas listed below.

Personalized Name Brooches

Give your guests brooches with quirky personalized text written in Hindi, like LadkeWale or LadkiWale. These eye-catching accessories will definitely give your guests something to retain as a memory from your wedding!

Customize Your Dance Floor

Incorporate your wedding theme into the design of your dance floor. After all, your dance floor is where the real fun and magic begins. You can go all out with customized flooring, or keep it simple with hanging décor.

Print Napkins With Your Initials!

It’s no hidden fact that Indian weddings are all about food! People forget everything but the great food at the wedding! So the best way to personalize your wedding is to print napkins with initials of you two.

Create A Magnificient Mandap

The Mandap is undoubtedly the most important feature in any Indian wedding. A simple way to add a unique touch without having to spend a lot of money is to add a crystal chandelier in the center. The crystals and light will be a stunning detail to any Mandap.

Bangle It Up

You will be anyways wearing your choora on your wedding day. So why not set up a bangle bar for all of your female guests? Instead of handing out gifts at the end of the function, have a bangle booth and let your girls pick out their own.


Photo booths are the easiest way to make your wedding memorable.And since it is an Indian wedding, you can definitely expect a lot of colour, flowers and extravaganza. Just decorate a cycle, put on a pagdi and click pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime to come.

A Treat For The Kids

Don't let cranky kids ruin your special day. Keep them entertained. Include fun size packets of Haribo healthy treats such as packets of grapes, carrots or apple slices. Or Bubbles – a little pot of bubbles is always a winner!

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