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7 Kinds Of Disasters Only Wedding Planners Can Fix

10 Nov 2018

7 Kinds Of Disasters Only Wedding Planners Can Fix

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding is no cakewalk! And some of the things on your to-do list won’t be as effortless as you may think. Like, for example, from running around for countless vendor appointments to getting those frantic text messages from your mother-in-law, there’s always going to be something that makes you panic. But there's no need to worry. DreamzKraft will save the day by helping you prevent common disasters that could happen last minute!

1. What If - Your dress is ruined before the Wedding
A broken zip, or a stubborn stain, anything can go wrong with your wedding dress.

What To Do -

DreamzKraft recommends keeping a professional seamstress on the day of your wedding. Most dresses need some sort of alteration. And with the help of a professional seamstress, you’ll be ready for your wedding day with a dress that fits you perfectly. And if something spills on your gown, don’t panic! For watermarks, softly blot and dry with a clean white towel. Makeup, lipstick or any oily stains should be lightly coated with cornstarch or baby powder to absorb the oil or moisture.

2. What If - Your guests are stranded
Everyone is ready and waiting for their car/bus to head to the venue, but the driver doesn’t show up.

What To Do -

Stranded Guests = Angry Guests! Have someone in charge of knowing the exact address and the best routes of the venue. It is always advisable to get the contact number of the actual driver too.

3. What If - The emcee pronounces your names wrong at the reception
It's true that hiring the right Emcee can make or break your big day.

What To Do -

Give your DJ or the designated emcee the phonetic spelling of your names (and in the right order) for the introductions. While it's good to have the correct spelling written, what he/she really needs to know is how to pronounce it correctly for the grand entrance.

4. What If - It rains on your wedding day
Your reception is scheduled to be in front of a beautiful flower garden and OOPS!

What To Do -

No one wants their guests’ stilettos sinking into the grass. Have an alternative indoor or tented location that can quickly and easily be transformed. Also, set your foundation with a primer and wear waterproof mascara, just to be extra safe!

5. What If - Someone makes a tasteless toast
Don’t let your drunk friends say something they’ll later regret.

What To Do -

With alcohol flowing, spontaneous toasting may happen. Make sure that the toasts are well scheduled before time. Make sure that the DJ guards the microphone and let it just be the close family and friends do the talking.

6. What If - You wake up with a giant zit or blotchy skin
Sometimes the facial done the day before the wedding can cause severe reactions to your skin.

What To Do -

Let the professional make-up artist wave her magic wand (brush ;)) to hide the reactions. If any problem persists, the quickest fix would be to get a doctor on call to give you a cortisone injection.

7. What If - There is awkward family drama
Every single family has issues (you’re not alone ☺), that is why Romeo and Juliet eloped and billions of couples have followed suit.

What To Do -

You can’t keep everyone happy, so keep calm when everyone else is losing it. Don't interrogate, which can create defensiveness. Ignore them and enjoy your wedding day.

So take a deep breath & relax and let your special day unfold into the magnificent celebration of love that it is and leave the worrying to us.

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