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6 Reasons to opt for a Pre-wedding

22 Aug 2019

6 Reasons to opt for a Pre-wedding

1. Get comfortable with the camera

A pre-wedding photoshoot eases you into the whole photography process and makes you more comfortable with your better half. It majorly helps get rid of camera nerves before the D-Day.

2. Work in sync with your photographer

Your photographer plays a major role in your wedding, getting comfortable with them and the way they function is of utmost importance. Build a rapport with them and this will surely result in some beautiful snaps and countless memories.

3. Know your best angles and looks

You'll get to see how you look in professional photographs along with your best angles and looks, making the pre-wedding photoshoot totally worthwhile.

4. Hair and makeup trial

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a great way to get pally with your stylist and try them out once before the wedding. Seeing what looks suit you and how you would like your hair and makeup done for your wedding can be adjusted based on the outcome of the shoot’s photos.

5. Have some photos to showcase during your Sangeet/ Reception

You can have a fun photo booth for your friends and family where you can showcase your pre-wedding photos as well; a small video to show your guests is always a bonus!

6. Personalized save the dates and invitation cards

A fun way to personalize invites is to include pre-wedding photos of the couple.

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