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2019 Wedding Trends To Look Out For

11 May 2019

2019 Wedding Trends To Look Out For

Year after year there has been a major evolution in wedding trends. Each function and every minute element is personalized, and the motto is all about leaving your guests with a memorable once-in-alifetime experience.

Below are some upcoming trends and themes to follow for your 2019 wedding that will add to its charm and elegance, making it a surreal experience for you and your guests as well.

Bringing the inside out

A trend which was loved in 2018 and is on the rise in 2019 is ‘bringing the inside out’. With cozy and easeful décor elements, an outdoor area is magically transformed into the comfy corners of your home. Using relaxing couches, contemporary coffee tables, colourful duvets, and tonnes of snug throw pillows the vibe we go for is warm, homey and intimate.

Eco-friendly custom elements

With our brides and grooms becoming more socially aware, there has been a major shift in the wedding space towards more eco-friendly weddings. This is seen in the form of décor elements and giveaways as well. Saplings or plants as thank you gifts are always a hit among the guests. In addition to this, couples nowadays opt for e-invites, thus eliminating the whole paper wastage process altogether.

Larger-than-life ceilings

Be it a spacious ballroom or an awe-inspiring open venue, a statement chandelier just adds to the grandeur of the place, giving it a luxurious vibe. A fairy lights ceiling for a night time function makes the venue look magical. Mirrored surfaces act as reflectors making the venue look straight out of a fairy-tale.

Unique Guest book ideas

Moving away from traditional guest books, couples opt for wishing trees in which guests can hang their wishes for the couple. Some other ideas include Jenga blocks, puzzle pieces or even globes. These can be used as décor elements in their new home, thus leaving the couple with a small remembrance of their wedding forever.

Wooden baskets, wooden baskets and wooden baskets!

Wooden baskets serve as an affordable décor element and can be used in innumerable ways, be it with a mix of florals, tassels, or even as breath-taking magnificent ceiling décor. They are often used as delicate hangings or even as elaborate stand-alone installations.

Quirky dancefloors-Why walk, when you can dance?

An upcoming trend is fun dancefloors. Acrylic mirror dancefloors are another great option to increase the oomph factor of your party. Have a look at the dancefloor we customized for a Jaipur wedding this season with an adorable quote.

Life-size paper florals

Giant floral installations as décor elements make an impactful impression. Use them as a stand-alone main attraction, photo booth or even as entrance/pathway décor. Additionally, paper elements are reusable and result in minimal wastage.

A mix of different grasses as décor elements

Pampas grass with a mix of pastel coloured florals gives the wedding a minimalistic yet chic vibe. Appearing incredibly romantic, it is used to decorate arches, aisles or even used as a modern centerpiece element. Lemongrass or wheatgrass are also commonly used as well.

Be sure to check our other blogs for fresh, unique and innovative ideas for the upcoming wedding season.

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