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Krunal Pandya's Wedding

17 Feb 2017

Dreamzkraft to curate Krunal Pandya & Pankhuri Sharma’s Winter Wedding? Dreamzkraft, India’s No. 1 wedding company will be crafting the winter wedding for Cricketer Krunal Pandya & Pankuri Sharma scheduled for 26th and 27th of December in Mumbai.

The ceremonies are spread over two days and will take place at a sea facing 5 star venue nestled in the heart of the city.
The couple has briefed the company to curate a simple yet elegant ambience where they will tie the knot in presence of close friends and family. To meet their desires, each ceremony will be defined in a specific theme with captivating aesthetics including a ‘fusion’ mehendi ceremony, a royal Moroccan appeal for a cocktail evening and nuances of peach & pink for the wedding. The colours are aesthetically in contrast to the typical outlook of wedding silhouettes and are forecasted as a coveted trendsetter for 2018. Dreamzkraft, known to have 15 years of experience and having curated over 5000 weddings and social events, including those of leading ladies of Bollywood including Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta and Preity Zinta, will be doing the decor designing of Krunal & Pankhuri's wedding. “We are highly enthusiastic to carve out the wedding for Krunal & Pankhuri. Both of them are very definite in terms of what theme they want, the flow of their ceremonies and the menu, which made our job easy. We will make sure we are aligned with their requirements. The decor they have opted for has an aristocratic appeal with a tinge of unconventional inspirations. New-age couples are breaking through the typical themes and are opting for eccentric hues and appeals. Keeping in mind the same, we have a blend of yellow & teal theme for Mehendi, whereas for the Cocktail we decided to with Moroccan inspiration and have opted for nuances of blue, gold and white. For the Wedding Day, we are creating a mélange of ‘peach and pink’ with an elegant outlook. We are all set and as excited as the duo to be a part of their special day”, said Mr. Trishant Sidhwani, Partner, Dreamzkraft. ”We decided to go with Dreamzkraft as they are the most reliable when it comes to wedding décor. During our first meeting itself, they made it very easy for us and we decided to go ahead with Dreamzkraft” – said Krunal Pandya, Cricketer, Mumbai Indians. A team of experts who are just not efficient but equally passionate about their work, there have been several in-depth conversations focusing on each individual elements related to decor that have taken off the entire burden off our shoulders”, said Pankhuri Sharma, Krunal's beau.

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