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Apr 10 2017


The Indian weddings are getting bigger, fatter and larger than life and so are the entries that couples want to make,Now the Indian Grooms are also giving their Brides a tough fight for attention on the D-Day. It’s no more a tradition that all that a groom has to do is to show up on the big day. Indian Grooms are getting way ahead in the game of grabbing the limelight, be it choosing the wedding outfits fresh off the runway or posing for those uber cool wedding photos. And major breakthroughs from the old tradition are the unique Groom’s entries!

So, for the Grooms-to-be we have got a list of unique ideas to help you make an impactful entrance at your wedding.

In your dancing shoes

What’s a wedding without some much needed drama? Usually the groom keeps sitting on a horse while the baraatis dance and have all the fun. Well since it’s your big day so make sure to be a part of all the dance drama and up the ante of your entry with a chic choreographed dance!how about dancing to “teenu laeke main jaavanga”

In a retro style Vintage car

Boys,admire the beautiful vintage cars, so why not enter into your wedding in a vintage car as well. One of the most popular entry ideas this season, the vintage car entry is every guys wish. And let’sadmit it people even though it’s getting a bit common these days the charm of entering yourwedding in a vintage car never fades away!

On a Segway

Bipasha Basu’s husband entered on a Segway, and it was the coolest thing ever! It’s all the rage abroad, and is India not very far from catching up on this !

On an elephant

The perfect idea for a south Indian wedding , we are seeing more and more grooms choosing to enter on an elephant rather than on a horse! Nothing looks more grand than entering on this majestic animal!

On a tractor!

Want to work your Punjabi wedding quotient up? how about having some Punjabi music on while you enter on a tractor! How very cool?!

On an ATV

Beach wedding? ATV it has to be! So masculine and dreamy both at the same time!Imagine making a super hero entry while your bride awaits for you! This is your chance to up your cool quotient for a life time.

On a rickshaw

Whether it’s an auto or a cycle rickshaw, it looks so quirky and fun when a groom enters riding a rickshaw !This is your chance of a lifetime to make your special one feel all the more special, if you have a spot for her right behind you ! so romantic!

With your squad

Such a simple idea, but makes such an impact! Let all your brothers and friends come together for this and nothing better if you can all dress like a squad in exactly the same outfit! Time to set, squad goals on your wedding!

On a Superbike

Choose a Harley Davidson….and let your adventure-spirit out-shine!! Time for some dhoom –dhoom action,let’s admit every boy has had a fetish to drive around the city with their love .So why not do it for your very own wedding .

With a Maharaja style with a line – up

“A regal wedding entry” is how you want people to talk about your wedding entry ,then this maharaja style line up is what you should look out for! Combine this from jodha akbar’s title track and you will add a bollywood twist to your already regal and royal wedding.

ON a golf cart

Sports fan? If lush green grass and knocking the ball into the socket with your golf stick is what gives you an adrenalin rush, you could look at this way to make an entry like none other on a golf cart.

Your bride will definitely be in for a surprised like never before and you could catch a glimpse of her lovely blushing smile, what more can you ask for on your wedding day ?!

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